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Web development

Websites have become a primitive concern for every trade today. At Startup Mechanics, we offer Website Design and Development services which will play a decisive role in your progress on the Internet by building an admirable website for your company

Website Development is an operation for creating a contemporary website or enforcing changes to one already in use, e.g. adding a momentous new section to a breathing site. In elementary terms, the operation represents a structure within which all activities—from initiation to inspection

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Steps in the development process:

Planning: Decide why you want a website and how what to create one

Content: Create a list of the content you want.

Design: Create a design for displaying the content.

Construction: Write the code and load up your content.

Test: Make sure everything works properly.

Hosting: Choose a domain name & find a suitable place to put your site on the internet.

Publicity: Build traffic via publicity of the site.

Review: Review the site at intervals it to make sure it succeeds.

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